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Retouching images using Adobe Photoshop

We want to use two important Adobe Photoshop players, Healing Brush and Patch Tool. Sometimes an taken exquisite photo, but pimples and acne or other skin problems and scars seen…

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How to become a professional face retoucher

A face retoucher is an artist that makes people look better by giving them perfect features. A picture can be edited in many ways to change how it looks, and…

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How to make money from design graphics (adobe products )

There are many jobs in the photo editing industry, including graphic designer, video editor, and photographer. Photo editors work with photographers to create the perfect final product for their clients.…

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What is Unsupervised learning?

In unsupervised learning algorithms, there are no label column, and we only have feature columns. In the previous article, I mentioned that in supervised learning, we have a column called…

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