Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing

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In today’s world, social media marketing has become a crucial tool for connecting with your existing and prospective customers, engaging those who will spread the word about your brand, and promoting your rank in search.

Social Media Marketing #1 Audit of social media accounts

The first step is to determine your target audience and to cross-reference this with your existing channels if you have any. We will ensure that the proper channels are set up for the intended audience during this stage of the process. These profiles will also be optimised for best practices.

#2 Get Your Audience’s Attention

In order to put your brand in front of those who can make a difference for your business, we will strategically target users and influencers in your field to follow/monitor.

#3 Influencer Engagement

In addition to targeting influencers to follow, we also engage with them. Our team will work closely with you to define a voice that suits your brand’s style and begin conversations with influencers in your industry. We agree to the ‘code of conduct with you will mean that we will not interact with users without your consent and knowledge ahead of time.

#4 Posting on social networks

As part of our services in Hubito ( Social Media Marketing Agency ), we will also provide you with social post schedules, which will promote content on your site and content we create on your behalf. In addition to incorporating you’re agreed with tone of voice, our team of experts will know which hashtags to use for your sector.

#5 Advertising on social media

Engagement and web traffic can be boosted by social advertising to unprecedented levels. For more information, visit our Digital Advertising page.

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Furthermore, we offer custom social media campaigns designed to drive social engagement, collect data, and boost the visibility of new products.

The reports we provide will show how your social media profiles are driving business results, ensuring it is meeting (and exceeding!) key targets set at the audit stage.

Content Marketing

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Content marketing has the goal of engaging your target audience and providing content they return to, such as news, ideas, and industry commentary. When they are ready to purchase, your brand will be at the top of their minds because your brand became a resource for them. In order to attract the right visitors to your site, we will develop a bespoke content marketing strategy in order to set out some specific goals.

Your audience may be entertained by creating video content, how-to guides, news articles, or even mini-games. By sharing your content with leading websites, blogs and social media personalities, our outreach team extends your content’s reach and awareness. This will get you new traffic from people who might not have otherwise found you.


At our agency, we are fortunate to have a talented content marketing team that consists of journalists, public relations specialists, and bloggers. These individuals have built relationships with a wide network of publications. We understand that seeing a return on your investment in content marketing is essential.

That’s why we provide you with a monthly report, detailing what we’ve done and what results we’ve achieved – including progress toward the goals we set at the beginning. Here is an example of a recent content marketing campaign. You can also visit our Portfolio page. Get in touch with us if you like what you see, and would like to learn more about how content marketing can grow your website traffic (and sales)!